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Just Dropped: Iman Shumpert's Mixtape, Pablo Prigioni's Newest Blog Post

The Knicks are such gifted artists!


Two items of Knicks-generated media for y'all today (unless you count J.R. Smith's morning Twitter binge, in which case it's three):

Item one is the mixtape of Iman Shumpert-- a.k.a 2wo 1ne-- which dropped at 12:21 this morning (get it?). You can stream and download it at his website. Said website crashed last night seconds after the moment of release, so you will evidently not be alone in streaming or downloading it. Whether or not you enjoy the music, it's pretty cool to experience Shump in a totally different element, especially because, at least to me, his rapping style does not at all mimic his style of play.

Item two is some hot fire from Pablo Prigioni, whose second Spanish blog post for Olé went up this morning. It's called "Luz, cámera, y big show" (awesome), and it discusses the Spike Lee sneaker exchange, some noteworthy MSG fans (Pablo was delighted to play in front of both Ben Stiller and some countrymen), the experiences of meeting Pep Guardiola and Bobby Knight, and some Sandy relief events in which he's participated. Thanks to our friend Madbacker for passing that along.

Look at our Knicks! So talented! Such renaissance men! And we haven't even mentioned Rasheed Wallace's cheese ceramics!