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Friday Lanceolated Monklets


Joel Rosenthal

Hey there. Time for some links. Ready?

- Lanceolated monklets don't seem particularly interesting. I just like how a cute, little, brown bird can have a name as fancy as LANCEOLATED MONKLET.

- Important community news!!! I'll have more details as the date approaches, but we are planning another P&T meet-up in a couple weeks. We'll meet at Full Circle in Brooklyn (same place as last time, a very nice spot owned by friends of our own gbaked) on January 3rd to watch the Knicks-Spurs game. Just like last time, it won't be a formal event; just as many of us as possible congregating to watch the game and eat some drinks and drink some hot dogs and whatnot. Again, more information as the date draws near, but if you know already that you'll plan to attend on the 3rd, please email me (ptknicksblog at gmail) with the subject line "hamster butts" (because I'm annoying, but also because it helps me sort through emails) to RSVP and let me know how many there might be in your party. We'll need a rough head count going in. If you have any questions for me or for gbaked, ask away.

- Tyson Chandler, who might be better at shooting non-basketballs than he is at shooting basketballs, appeared on Fallon last night. One item revealed in their conversation: When Tyson is screaming and pounding his chest, he stares into the eyes of a random person in the audience. That person dies, I assume.

- Tyson also wears good clothes, I guess.

- Mike Woodson wants the Knicks to have twenty or more wins by the end of this homestand. I'd like them to have exactly 21 wins.

- The aforementioned Mike Woodson, shooting a three.

- Whoever made this Knicks/Sleigh Bells version of those BIG commercials did a very good job.

- I was on the I Go Hard Now podcast! We talked about the Knicks, the Lakers, and a lot about Rasheed Wallace and Antawn Jamison.

- Kevin Durant likes Shump's mixtape.

- As is often the case with J.R. Smith, I have no idea what's going on here.

- Some more good things about how Amar'e Stoudemire might fit just fine into what's going on here.

- Jonah Ballow's "Speed Drill" with Steve Novak was definitely the best of the bunch.

- You've been warned: Those of us watching on NBA TV tonight might see some Isiah Thomas.

- Jim Cavan examines the Knicks' remarkable turnover aversion (turnoversion) at Off The Dribble.

- Amar'e did his best to explain the purpose of his knee surgery a few months back.

Them's the links. Knicks-Bulls stuff soon! RSVP for the meet-up! Hamster butts!