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Saturday Practice and Injury Updates

Some belated updates on Rasheed Wallace, Amar'e Stoudemire, and the Knicks' next opponent.


Evening, friends. My apologies for a silent day. I lost my internet connection minutes after posting last night's recap, then spent most of today on a plane. You've surely already seen these bits of news, but here they are just because:

- Rasheed Wallace's "sore left foot", as you probably heard, is now being called a "stress reaction", an aggravation of an old injury that hurts but isn't quite a fracture. I guess. They're STILL listing Sheed as "day-to-day" but if he plays in the next week, I'll eat my hat. I don't even have a hat. I'll go buy a hat simply so I can eat it. I'll go to Lids and act like I'm in a restaurant, like "What are the specials today? Actually, never mind. I know what I want. I'll have the hat. Extra hat, please, if you can. Thanks."

- Also in that link: Amar'e Stoudemire spoke at length with Mike Woodson this morning. Neither revealed what was said and neither offered a return date for Amar'e. Fine.

- Jared Zwerling also wrote up some notes on Ronnie Brewer and Pablo Prigioni, both of whom spent extra practice time today working on their shots. Ronnie in particular needs that special Hopla Love.

- Segueing of Love, Kevin Love hurt his eye and will not play for the Timberwolves tomorrow. This is relevant because the Timberwolves play the Knicks tomorrow. Caught a break there.

Cool. We're now caught up to about ten hours ago. Hope everyone's having a pleasant night.