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Marcus Camby says he'll be available in Los Angeles.

After a long lay-off with plantar fasciitis, Camby is ready to return.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks could use some more defense and rebounding. Marcus Camby, when healthy, is decent at defense and excellent at rebounding. Marcus Camby hasn't been healthy all year, most recently stricken with plantar fasciitis, but now he says he is:

Marcus Camby says he'll be available for Christmas Day against Los Angeles. #Knicks

With Rasheed Wallace still hurt and Amar'e Stoudemire not expected to debut during the upcoming road trip, Camby's presence would be really nice for New York's frontcourt depth. We don't know how much Mike Woodson intends to play Camby once he's available, since he was at least nominally "healthy" earlier in the season but hardly got to spin. I suspect, though, that the version of Camby the Knicks are welcoming back is in better condition (thanks to time, rest, and some tasty, tasty cortisone injections) than the one stuck on Woodson's bench back in November. We shall see. A healthy, active Camby could make a pretty significant difference for these Knicks, so let's hope this isn't another false start.