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Monday Chukars



Good Christmas Eve to you all! I'm off to celebrate among the goyim soon, but before I go, a few links I've collected over the past few days:

- Chukars are partridges, though I don't know if you'd find them in a pear tree. The chukar is the national bird of Pakistan. There is a Royals minor league affiliate called the Idaho Falls Chukars. Chukars.

- (Repeat) important community news!!! We are planning another P&T meet-up in a couple weeks. We'll meet at Full Circle in Brooklyn (same place as last time, a very nice spot owned by friends of our own gbaked) on January 3rd to watch the Knicks-Spurs game. Just like last time, it won't be a formal event; just as many of us as possible congregating to watch the game and eat some drinks and drink some hot dogs and whatnot. Again, more information as the date draws near, but if you know already that you'll plan to attend on the 3rd, please email me (ptknicksblog at gmail) with the subject line "hamster butts" (because I'm annoying, but also because it helps me sort through emails) to RSVP and let me know how many there might be in your party. We'll need a rough head count going in. If you have any questions for me or for gbaked, ask away.

- The Chris Copeland onesie files: 1, 2, 3.

- Howard Megdal makes it abundantly clear that a healthy Marcus Camby could do a whole lot for these Knicks.

- Bobob Silverman draws parallels between these Knicks and the '01 Sixers, which wasn't a comparison I'd seen prior.

- Jonathan Tjarks details Tyson Chandler's path to becoming the immensely valuable basketball player he is today.

- Sean Highkin reviews Iman Shumpert AKA 2wo 1ne's new mixtape.

- I picture these interviews being conducted while the Knicks watched Carmelo Anthony play with blocks through a one-way mirror.

- I have yet to listen to this, but here's a pre-Knicks-Lakers podcast with Bryan Gibberman and Andrew Ungbari.

- NBA Power Rankings!

- Knicks Power Rankings!

- Nothing! This is not a link!

That's all, babies. Have fun, festive evenings. I'll see y'all tomorrow for the basketball game.