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Final Score: Lakers 100, Knicks 94

Sad Christmas :(

Victor Decolongon

Well, it was a close, exciting performance, but just not the one the Knicks needed. Carmelo Anthony played an impressive, gritty game through some obvious pain and J.R. Smith gave New York some terrific minutes off the bench, but that was all the Knicks had going on offense and it dissipated in the fourth quarter. Raymond Felton-- undeterred despite a THIRD hand injury suffered in the first half-- had himself another signature heedless brick party (5-19) and Tyson Chandler played one of his worst games of the season, bungling a lot of interior feeds and fouling out midway through the fourth. New York actually had some chances down the stretch, but punted the most important possessions with pretty lame play-calling and execution. Not helping matters for New York: 31 free throws surrendered to the Lakers and just nine makes on their own 16 attempts.

Oh well. 20-8. Tonight's recap will be short and late, but it'll be up eventually. Everyone have the merriest of Christmases!