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Pre-Game: Knicks at Suns

The Knicks play the second of a back-to-back and second of a three-game road trip in Phoenix tonight.


Oo-wee, we got a late game. The Knicks play game two of their three-game road trip in Phoenix tonight. It is, of course, a SEGABABA as well. The Knicks got to Phoenix last night after losing to the Lakers in L.A.

The Suns aren't especially good, but they're not quite bad, either. They're a decent offensive team that, as you may remember, heated up and nearly came back to beat the Knicks a few weeks ago. They can do that. Since then, Phoenix has been up and down. They lost two straight over the weekend after winning four in a row (including one over the Grizzlies) prior. The Knicks can totally beat the Suns, but I worry they'll falter if they go into the game thinking "we can totally beat the Suns".

Raymond Felton's availability for tonight remains questionable, so there's obviously no word yet on who'll start if he sits. I hope he sits.

Tonight's game isn't until 9, so the game thread won't be up for a couple hours. I guess we just sit here and chat until then? Did you guys eat any good dinners?

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