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Raymond Felton's finger is fractured.

More than just a sprain, it turns out.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh, that J.R. Smith game-winner was wonderful and I feel great and will have a recap up for you eventually, but here's another thing in the interim because the Knicks suck at timing. Tina Cervasio:

X-ray on Raymond Felton reveals fracture in right 5th finger (pinky) next course of action will be determined when he returns to NY #Knicks

Felton will travel back to New York Friday while the Knicks head to Sacramento.

Yeah, he's been playing very badly, but this is very bad news. A fractured finger on Ray's shooting hand might hold him out something on the order of weeks, if not over a month. That's a lot of minutes for Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni to absorb. We'll see what comes of this. In the meantime, I can't help but wonder why the Knicks don't run these kind of tests more promptly. Oh well. (Update: I'm reminded that the swelling has to go down before X-rays are done. That makes sense.)

Bad, bad news for a team that was juuuuuust starting to approach full health. At least we have that J.R. shot.

Update: Felton just said he might be out four to six weeks if he needs surgery. If true, that's long enough that the Knicks might consider a little roster shuffling to add another point guard. We'll have to wait until the weekend for a more official prognosis.