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Thursday Bull-headed Shrikes



G'afternoon, mummies! Wanna look at some links? Of course you do. You would not have purchased a subscription to this webpage if you did not. Read on for birds and links.

- The bull-headed shrike is one of the most attractive species of shrike, I think. These guys are in the family Lanius, which is derived from the Latin for "butcher". They're compared to butchers because they impale their prey-- insects, other small critters-- on thorns and other sharp objects. It's a decent way to store food, and it also helps segment the meal like one would with a fork and knife. Wikipedia, man.

- I'll make a full post about this over the weekend, but here's a third reminder: We are planning another P&T meet-up for next week. We'll meet at Full Circle in Brooklyn (same place as last time, a very nice spot owned by friends of our own gbaked) on January 3rd to watch the Knicks-Spurs game. Just like last time, it won't be a formal event; just as many of us as possible congregating to watch the game and eat some drinks and drink some hot dogs and whatnot. Again, more information as the date draws near, but if you know already that you'll plan to attend on the 3rd, please email me (ptknicksblog at gmail) with the subject line "hamster butts" (because I'm annoying, but also because it helps me sort through emails) to RSVP and let me know how many there might be in your party. We'll need a rough head count going in. If you have any questions for me or for gbaked, ask away.

- Following reports that he'll be invited to the dunk contest, James White told someone today that he's got a 60 percent chance of going. He also doesn't intend to use props, which makes me so happy.

- Another (good) review of Iman Shumpert-- I mean 2wo 1ne's mixtape.

- Andrew Sharp, in praise of J.R. Smith's gift for hitting bad shots. Sometimes you need a bad shot.

- I bitched about the Knicks' injury-related subterfuge today for The Sports Section. It was cathartic. I'm not THAT worried about Carmelo Anthony's knee, but I am worried.

- My favorite thing of the day: Marc Berman does a "guess the score" contest before every game, and this guy FUCKING NAILED IT. Check the time on that. Outstanding. Glenn Noack, you are a P&T hero.

- Jared Dubin with a quick, excellent look at how last night, the Knicks jacked a play the Lakers had beaten them with in the previous game. (Probably a D'Antoni set that Woodson already has somewhere in New York's playbook, but still very cool. Jared's got a keen eye.)

- Salsa poll!

- All-Star stuff.

- Shump shared this on Twitter. It is excellent.

- Been sitting on this for a couple days, but this Tyson Chandler fact (now slightly off after a couple games) from Chris Herring is pretty nuts:

According to SportVU player-tracking technology, Chandler possesses the ball for only 53.2 seconds per game on 42.5 touches, a little over one second each time he has control of it.

- Aaron McGuire on Sheed (among others, including Z-Bo).

- I'll be on the radio tonight at 6:30. Usual spot.

That is all. Remember to RSVP if you want to come to the meet-up! Hamster butts!