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Monday Brandt's Cormorants


Teddy Llovet

Good afternoon, friends. The Knicks have some time off-- nothing today, practice tomorrow, then four pretty tough games in five nights (three on the road) from Wednesday to Sunday-- so let's review some items from around the web.

- 55 P&T points if you can guess why I picked a species of cormorant for today's bird.

- Mike Woodson wasn't the best "Sunday Q&A" subject ever, but he was a pretty solid one.

- Jason Kidd may or may not be back for this trip. If he does return, his minutes will be monitored very closely.

- The wonderful Mike Kurylo did a nice job summarizing Chris Copeland's place in the Knicks universe right now. Cool photo, too.

- I got weirdly smiley over this Carmelo Anthony line:

"They study and watch film and they were picking up Tyson on the pick-and-roll going to the rim,’’ Anthony said. "As a result, they left us open with the outside shot. Those are shots we take. Those are shots we make.’’

- Keith Schlosser interviewed Steve Novak, who sure seems like a mensch.

- If and when Novak dunks a basketball, Knicks Bricks has a list of worthy celebrations. The catch here is that nobody would be able to see any celebration because we would all be deceased.

- I'm looking forward to reading more of Jonathan Fishner's "This Week in Knicks" things for Gothamist.

- !!!

- This is from a couple days ago, but I really appreciated Marcus Camby's response to questions about his playing time.

- I ranked the Knicks sixth again in this week's NBA Power Rankings.

- I and my friend Jared Dubin will (separately, I'm afraid) be on this radio show tonight, starting at around 7:00.

- Update: Melo was Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Well done, Melo. <3

Mmhmm. Enjoy the afternoon. I'm gonna go watch the Boardwalk Empire finale now, at last.