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The Knicks will finally practice today, Amar'e included.

It's been a while.

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Aside from looking injured, bombed out, and depleted, the Knicks have seemed badly out of practice of late. As was the case around Thanksgiving-- the last time they hadn't practiced in weeks-- fewer sets are run to fruitful completion and defensive rotations have become dull and mushy. All this makes today a landmark occasion. The Knicks will practice in full for the first time (I'm pretty sure) since December 4, and a couple hobbled friends hope to participate in preparation for their impending returns. The cast of recovering characters:

- Amar'e Stoudemire is expected to practice in full today after a couple days last week spent scrimmaging with the BayHawks. If all goes well and the doctors approve of his progress, Amar'e MIGHT be available to play a few minutes on Tuesday against Portland. I'm not counting on that 1/1 debut, but I'm excited to see how this first day of scrimmages goes. Will there be dunkings?

- Iman Shumpert will practice without contact. I suppose Shump'll do conditioning and drills and sets, but not scrimmage or do anything where anybody touches him. NO TOUCHING. Shump sounds understandably thrilled to be back out there.

- Tyson Chandler evidently sprained his right ankle during the Sacramento game. He's not expected to miss any game time, so we can assume he'll skip practice today and sit until February. Of 2056. (But seriously, it sounds like he's fine and that the three days of rest should help. I hope he can at least limp through sets today, though.)

- After missing two games with a hyper-extended left knee, Carmelo Anthony will hopefully practice today and return on Tuesday. I've seen little indication that he will or won't do any of the above.

- Same goes for Rasheed Wallace, whose foot injury is now being called a "stress fracture" by all the media. Wasn't it distinctly not a fracture before? Whatever. Maybe he'll practice today. No idea.

And that's what's up. It's a big day for the Knicks. I'm sure I'll have updates to share at some point this afternoon. Enjoy your Sundays, friends.

Update: Melo and Tyson are resting their sore legs and Jason Kidd is taking a day off, so, in terms of company, this is only a modest step up from Amar'e scrimmaging with the BayHawks. Oh well. No word on Sheed so far.