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There will be a P&T meet-up this Thursday.



I've mentioned this a few times, but want to make sure it gets seen, so here's the most official announcement: This week, we the community of P&T will gather at a bar in Brooklyn to watch a Knicks game together. Ooh, let's do it this way:

WHO: You, me, and anybody else of legal drinking age who wants to come.

WHAT: A meet-up/viewing of the Knicks-Spurs game.

WHEN: The evening of Thursday, January 3rd

WHERE: Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn. Our own gbaked is a friend of the proprietors. They're nice guys and hosted a delightful meet-up of ours last season. They're reliably willing to give you tasty drinks if you pay them.

WHY: I want to smell all of you.

WHAT ELSE: Thursdays at Full Circle have free skee-ball, free hot dogs, and free pretzels. I will be distributing hugs for the low, low price of $18 per hug plus shipping and handling. We might also arrange for a drink special.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN: Please email me, don't just leave a comment. My email address is ptknicksblog at gmail dot com. Email with the subject line "Hamster Butts"-- seriously-- and let me know who you are, your P&T account name if you've got one, and how many friends or balloons you intend to bring.

I hope you join! Meeting the carnal forms of internet people is always fun and never uncomfortable and the Knicks have never lost a game during a P&T meet-up (granted, we intentionally picked games against the Wizards, Nets, and Bobcats at prior meet-ups, but still...). See you there!