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Hey, the Knicks practiced again today.

And Melo scrimmaged!


The Knicks used their third straight off day to practice again, and for the second straight day, practice was lightly populated (compare that to Sunday's board). The major change was that Carmelo Anthony got on the floor and scrimmaged with his friends. Those watching thought he looked sharp, though Melo still felt a little floor-bound and remains questionable for Tuesday's game against the Blazers. This is all good news. I was beginning to wonder if Melo had any legs left at all.

And the rest of 'em? Well, Jason Kidd skipped practice again just to rest (less than ideal, but the man needs to be preserved) and Tyson Chandler rested his sore ankle for the second straight day. They're both probable and expected to play Tuesday.

Amar'e Stoudemire evidently felt well enough after yesterday to scrimmage again today. He's questionable for tomorrow and will base his decision on his soreness tomorrow morning. (Also, this.)

Meanwhile, Iman Shumpert reshumpifies.

That's what's up. Regardless of health, the Knicks'll hopefully look a bit more organized tomorrow after consecutive practice days. For now...Happy New Year! Have a pleasant, safe holiday, y'all.