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Of course Raymond Felton's going to play Wednesday.

Updates on all the Knicks' point guards.


Raymond Felton's left hand injury is just a bone bruise/contusion, which is good news. Still, considering that: 1. Felton's paw hurt him enough after that game that he thought it was broken and 2. New York's game against the Blobcats is the first of a road back-to-back that'll take them to Miami on Thursday, it'd be reasonable for Ray to take a night off.

But, uh...yeah, we knew that wasn't going to happen, especially not for a homecoming (on a couple levels) game in Charlotte. Felton, who is listed as "probable", practiced in full today with that left flipper heavily taped, then told reporters he intends to play Wednesday. So that's that. The hand will stay wrapped tomorrow, so we'll see how that affects Felton's approach/productivity. I recall him having some rough outings after a wrist injury back in 2010-2011.

In other point guard injury news, Jason Kidd is also listed as "probable". He practiced today and might not start in Charlotte, but feels fine and does expect to play as long as there's no flare-up in that back of his.

Pablo Prigioni, meanwhile, missed practice today for personal reasons (hope everything's okay), but will make the trip and play tomorrow.

Marcus Camby's foot still hurts, so he won't play.