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Tuesday Sabrewings



Evening, babies. Some quick links before I go eat a lot of tacos:

- Sabrewings are a genus (relatively) large hummingbirds with, I guess, sabre-like wings? The scientific name of the one pictured, the grey-breasted sabrewing, is Campylopterus largipennis, which I have laughed about for the last eight minutes or so.

- Tyson Chandler speaks to Jared Zwerling about what it's like to be so incredibly efficient.

- Good point here by Zwerling: Kevin Wilson deserves a bunch of credit for scouting and helping to reel in Pablo Prigioni and Chris Copeland. Those are minimum contract players who've already contributed some useful minutes.

- Matt Ufford did a fin job sprucing up an excellent photo taken of Chandler this week.

- Speaking of that photo, my Knicks Power Rankings for this week are up. I think we'll talk a bit more about #1 in the morning.

- Jared Dubin examines the Knicks' excellence at finding and hitting corner threes so far.

- On that note, Taylor Armosino did a nice job breaking down Ronnie Brewer's contributions thus far.

- And the link of the day, via @Lebrons_legacy: THE piece of memorabilia for those who wish to commemorate David Lee and Chris Duhon had that huge game against the Warriors.

Those are the links for now. Feel free to use this thread to comment on tonight's non-Knicks games. It's our last off night before a four-in-five-nights stretch starting tomorrow. <3