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Marcus Camby has plantar fasciitis.

That explains it.


Marcus Camby hadn't been getting the minutes we thought he deserved. Mike Woodson's explanations for that trend were vague and unsatisfactory. When the Knicks finally got a chance to practice with Camby, the big friend was promptly scratched from subsequent games because of foot soreness. Now he's had an MRI and confirmed something that some already suspected. Via Steve Popper:

Marcus Camby said he had an MRI and has plantar fasciitis

Your plantar fascia are on the bottom of your feet, and plantar fasciitis (also known as "policeman's heel", I just learned) is chronic inflammation and pain down there. So, Marcus will continue to not play basketball for the Knicks. Possibly for a little while. I guess he won't be making arrests or giving out speeding tickets either. It's a hit to the Knicks' depth, but-- given that Rasheed Wallace has been intermittently productive, Chris Copeland has looked promising, Kurt Thomas is alive, and Amar'e Stoudemire is just weeks away from a return-- not a huge deal. Feel better, Marcus.