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Pablo Prigioni is blogging.

In Spanish, of course.

Bruce Bennett

Yeap, Pablo Prigioni is blogging. No, not for P&T, I'm afraid. I wish. I wish so very much. No, Pablo just started blogging for Olé, an Argentine sports publication. His first post, found via our friend Alexander Chernykh, is up and it (in Spanish) discusses Pablo's amazement with the amount of attention and care the Knicks receive. A selection:

Hay una gran estructura alrededor del equipo. Trabaja mucha gente para atender cada detalle. En nuestro centro de entrenamiento por ejemplo tenemos dos cocineros que preparan comida todo el tiempo para los jugadores. Dos veces por semana vienen las dietistas a controlar que comamos cosas sanas. En ese mismo lugar nos realizaron los estudios previos al comienzo de la temporada. ¡Hasta armaron el consultorio para el dentista! Cuando llegué a la ciudad con mi familia me pusieron tres colaboradores: uno para hacer los trámites, otro para conseguir nuestra casa y una señora para buscar el colegio de mis hijos.

And a translation (by me, but with ample help from Google Translate):

There is a great framework around the team. Many people work to attend to every detail. In our training center, for example, we have two cooks who prepare food all the time for the players. Twice a week, dieticians come to make sure we're eating healthy things. We got preliminary examinations to start the season in the same place. They even put together a dentist's office! When I arrived in the city with my family, they provided me with three helpers: one to do the paperwork, another to get us a house, and one lady to find a school for my kids.

(Translating is kinda fun, but let me know if I screwed that up.) The man sounds pleased to be a Knick, but mostly floored by the entire NBA/New York experience.

Anyway, it's worth a look, and we'll surely be checking in on Pablo's blog throughout the season. <3 u, Pablo.