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Carmelo Anthony got stitches in his finger, will probably play Thursday.

After missing the last few minutes of New York's win in Charlotte, Melo is expected to return tomorrow.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Hey. You can watch video of J.R. Smith's preposterous game-winning jumper here and I'll begin working on the recap immediately, but first, an update on Carmelo Anthony. Melo had to leave the game after diving (unnecessarily, but still cool) into the stands after a loose ball and hurting his hand.

We all feared something awful, but it turned out be just a deep cut on his left middle finger (Tina Cervasio reported that Melo left "a trail of blood" heading to the locker room). The update now is that Melo got either five or six stitches in the finger (differing reports. 5.5 stitches, perhaps?) and will play tomorrow against the Heat.

It's so very, very relieving that Melo's okay-- that cut may still affect his shot, but it can't really be worse than it was in the second half tonight-- and pretty cool that the Knicks were able to pull off the win without him.

Update: Melo himself told reporters he's not positive he'll be able to play tomorrow, so we'll see.