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Thursday Cinnamon Becards


Steve Garvie

Good Thursday! Please deposit $18 (or $91 Canadian) into my account in exchange for your links. Your payment is processing. Payment received. Thank you for your business. Please proceed to the links.

- Cinnamon Becards are South American birds that don't seem particularly interesting, but I really love that photo. It looks like it's saying "MOM!".

- Kirk Goldsberry's excellent discussion of the "Kobe Assist" makes appropriate reference to Tyson Chandler's role on the Knicks. In New York, it would be called a "Melo Assist" or a "Felton Assist". There's something to be said for taking (and even missing) shots when rebounders are in place.

- Carmelo Anthony's in another Foot Locker commercial. I like it. Foot Locker commercials have been pretty consistently great for a little while now.

- This is from hockey stuff, but check out Jim's hat.

- Mike Woodson's line about playing Steve Novak from the other day was pretty great.

- If you missed it (I did), here are Michael Buffer's introductions from last night.

- I enjoyed Melo's postgame comments and I also think, having heard him discuss the injury, that he'll almost definitely play tonight. He's listed as questionable.

- I considered making this its whole post, but decided that might be untoward and/or an inviting bad karma when the Knicks are 13-4. But anyway, Tina Cervasio noted last night that J.R. Smith's buzzer-beater was the first for the Knicks since a certain somebody's coast-to-coast lay-in back in 2007. Once I realized she literally meant "buzzer-beater", I realized why Melo's "I do this" moments from 2011 didn't count and started reflecting on that 2006-2007 season, Isiah's first as head coach. It was a very bad season, but all the misery was peppered with some of the most dramatic last-second wins in Knicks history. It was even crazier than I remembered, and that's not even mentioning the opening night triple-overtime win over the Grizzlies (Quentin Richardson's free throws did it), Stephon Marbury's killer missed free throw after a huge night against the Sonics, and a whole bunch of other moments I'm not remembering right now. This was all during my senior year of high school, mind you. That perfect storm of hormones and emotion nearly put me in a coma. That was also the season I started blogging.

That's all for now! Perhaps we'll get a Melofinger update in the near future, since the Knicks should be shooting around at some point soon. I think. The Heat already had their shootaround. We'll see. I don't know. What are you eating for lunch?