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Knicks-Heat Leftovers: Every three pointer. All eighteen of 'em.

Some leftover notes, links, and media from a wonderful night of Knicks basketball.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! So, the Knicks beat the Heat badly last night in Miami. On to the next one, right? FALSE. I'm hoarding every single available artifact from that game, spreading them out on my living room floor, and rolling around in them like a shameless doggy. That's what this post is.

- Item number one, which is the item I will be nuzzling the most forcefully today, is this video some kind/cruel soul put together of every one of the Knicks' 18 three-point makes last night:

To (mis)quote the great Benny Lava, I WANT TO SWIM IN IT. The best part (well, the nineteenth best part) is definitely when Steve Kerr's all like "Can they keep up this three-point shooting? Can they keep getting wide open looks?" as Jason Kidd splashes the second of eighteen through. I spent the rest of the video cackling like Count Von Count: "ONE THREE! A-AH-AH! TWO THREES! AH-AH-AH! ETC. AH-AH-AH!"

- On that note, this bit of timeliness was terrific:


- And here's Rasheed Wallace mimickin' (though, of course, the belt thing was his a while ago):


- Tommy Beer's been all over the "the Knicks have not been this good in a long, long while" facts and stats so far this year. Here's to many more notes like this one.

- It was Tyson Chandler who really encouraged Melo to sit last night. He must have known.

- Meanwhile, let us not forget that Raymond Felton was playing with a badly bruised, unprotected hand. The guiding hand on those six threes of his hurt him quite a bit.

- Oh, and that hand made this crossover dribble on Udonis Haslem:


- Very cool post-game quotes from Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd, just to put things in context.

- From the SB Nation friendz: Ben Golliver's video recap and Mike Prada's analysis of how the Knicks got so damn open last night.

- Alan Hahn notes that the Knicks' remarkable ball control is going to have Woodson and company weighing in at 150 lbs. apiece by the end of the next practice.

Cool. Very cool. If you've got more things, please feel free to share them. Hope you're having a good day.