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Saturday California Quails


Yathin sk

Good morning! I only have an hour left to get my Saturday egg samwich, so these'll be some quick links. Try to keep up.

- California quails are so delightfully plump. Check out Wikipedia description of their calls:

They have a variety of vocalizations including the social "chicago" call, contact "pips" and warning "pips." During the breeding season, males utter the agonistic "squill" and will often interrupt their social mate's "chicago" call with a "squill," a possible form of antiphonal calling.

- "Ca-li-for-nia quails, they're highly sociable/grey-blue chest, six feathers on top" - Song I just wrote about the California Quail Wikipedia page.

- Couple o' days old, but I think we can all appreciate D.J. Foster's piece on Tyson Chandler's "acceptance of limitations".

- Nate Taylor writes on the Knicks' love of the three-pointer.

- Howard Megdal steps back and evaluates Raymond Felton's first five weeks as a whole.

- I've been reluctant to write a "Yo, Dave Hopla!" out of fear of jinxing the Knicks, but Jeremy Bauman of Sheridan Hoops did a nice job of it.

- I don't really know what's going on here.

- Beckley Mason analyzes Carmelo Anthony's prowess in a seldom-used pick-and-roll.

- Here is damn near everything Rasheed Wallace did on Friday.

- Selena Roberts's reflection on James Dolan and James Dolan's love of privacy is worth a read. There's been a percolating "hey, maybe Jim will talk to us now!" sentiment among the beat writers over the last week or so.

- Oakley and Allen makes the best Knicks mixes.

- I will be watching pre-game tonight because I really want to see Mike Woodson wearing a #KnicksTape hat.

Pre-Knicks-Bulls stuff later. Time to eat! See ya!