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Here's who did and did not practice today.

The Knicks held practice today to prepare for the back-to-back-to-back (with traveling nights in between) run of games that starts tomorrow against the Bulls. Not all the Knicks practiced.

- Amar'e Stoudemire did not practice because of that ankle injury he suffered during halftime of last night's game (they're now saying that he slipped on a jump rope). He's supposed to be ready for Thursday and thereafter, though. Just needed to rest the ankle a bit.

- Carmelo Anthony did participate and, despite what we saw earlier, Mike D'Antoni expects him to be available for all three games.

- This is the troublesome one: Baron Davis, once again, did not practice with the team (after D'Antoni said he would today), reportedly because his back is feeling to sore for contact (Update: A little clarification on that). So, uh, we'll just keep waiting. I guess the 10-12 weeks or whatever it was that we all chuckled about was more accurate a prediction than we thought, eh? Everybody's still hoping/reporting that Davis could be ready next week, but at this rate, who knows?

My offer to trade backs with Baron still stands, by the way. Mine is probably a little narrow (and white) for his body, but it's intact and mostly pain-free. And all I do is sit around and type things and eat licorice all day, so I don't think I'd mind claiming his sore back, even if it's exceedingly wide and a different color than the rest of my body. Anything for the Knicks to have a reliable point guard.