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Wednesday Fringe-Toed Lizards


Good afternevening, dressers! I've accumulated quite a number of links in this browser here and I'd like to share them with y'all so I can close some tabs. Thanks in advance.


- The fringes are for added traction on the sand, you know.

- Jonathan Abrams, who used to spend quite a bit of time with the Knicks, spent a week with the Knicks for Grantland.

- Sebastian Pruiti, also a Grantlandian, breaks down some great off-ball play from Iman Shumpert.

- You may have seen this if you watched the pre-game stuff before the Cleveland loss, but Tina Cervasio reported on the Knicks' pre-game circle dance thing. I don't really get it. Does Shump actually write the opponent's name on the ground? It looks like he just does it with his fingers, and it doesn't even look like he's spelling anything. I dunno. I like camaraderie and traditions and fun, but I think they can do better. This is probably why they have a losing record.

- Jerome Jordan gets interviewed by a Caribbean-themed publication, not much happens. Still cool.

- New York's offense was really quite good against the Pistons.

- This is just some poop balloons.

- The Knicks FanBlog bros make the case for Jeremy Lin and show that teams that defend as well as the Knicks have so far tend to make the playoffs (of course, it's far from a given that the Knicks will continue to defend this well).

- Casey Jacobsen (remember him?) mentions Amar'e Stoudemire and Mike D'Antoni (sort of under-handed praise there) in this SLAM thing.

- Chad Ford quietly mentioned that the Knicks are "shopping Amare hard" in this chat thing, for whatever that's worth.

- More assists = more wins for the Knicks so far.

- Landry Fields is 1. paranoid 2. an ambitious chef (not unlike our friend Osborn!).

And that is all. Tabs closed. Thank you for taking that weight off my Firefox's back.