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You can probably find a Jeremy Lin jersey now.

My understanding is that Jeremy Lin jerseys have been pretty much impossible to come by this week. I know they were available at some point in MSG souvenir shops, but they sold out as quickly as fans got their greasy little paws on 'em. Though I expect they'll sell out again, today is the day to shop:

After legions of Knicks fans cried foul for days over the crushing absence of Jeremy Lin jerseys, city stores on Friday are slated to receive their first batch of gear emblazoned with the name of the NBA’s newest sensation.

"Obviously, New York is excited about Jeremy, and we’re going to give the fans what they want," said Modell’s spokesman Rich Lampmann.

Lin jerseys will be available at three Modell’s stores in midtown and at the Madison Square Garden souvenir shops.

Modell’s is pulling a batch of the jerseys off the production line early in order to satisfy the red-hot demand. They’ll be on sale at the Modell’s stores on W. 42nd St., E. 42nd St. and Broadway at W. 34th St.

Now, that's good news for prospective jersey-buyers, but we ought to acknowledge the ingenuity some Knicks fans showed in the interim. Lin-hacks if you will:

- I wish I could remember who it was, but somebody on Twitter said they were taping over their old Danilo Gallinari jersey (sorry Danilo. Still love you.) so that it read "GALLINARI". I assume they also added a (+9) to the number part on the front and back.

- This young gentleman made a minor edit to a Carmelo Anthony jersey and-- boom!-- Lin jersey.

- And then there's me. I took an old blue dress shirt, cut off the sleeves with a scythe (because that's how I do things), and detailed it with orange glitter paint. Then I wrote "NEW YORK KICKS BASKETBALLs GO NICKS" and "7TEEN" on the front and "JEREMY LIN LINSANITY!!!1 2012" and "KNIX 17" on the back. And now I don't have to go to Modell's. I'd be happy to print more if y'all are interested.

- I'm also selling Limited Edition Jeremy Lin Semi-Adhesive Wet Chin Band-Aids for $17 a piece. Act now or miss out!