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Video: P&T on

Tommy Dee of The Knicks Blog was kind enough to have me back in the SNY studios (even after the bidet incident last time) to talk about the Knicks. We talked about Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin, Toney Douglas, and Jeremy Lin. Thankfully, this was recorded yesterday afternoon, before Lin's streak hit another level entirely Friday night. If I had to do one of these, like, right now, I'd just spend the whole time crying, drooling and emitting incoherent squeaks while pantomiming one-handed passes and reverse lay-ups. Twelve hours and a night's sleep after the end of the Laker game, I'm still a mess.

Anyway, if you want to watch me ramble 'n' gush like a fool, take the jump. Thanks as always to Tommy for having me on.

I'm gonna collect some items from last night's win for a post coming up soon, and then will hopefully get my shit together to make a Pre-Game Recon for Knicks-Timberwolves. I can't decide whether I'm excited to keep watching these Knicks or distressed that I can't have more time to sit and digest each passing game.