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Video: Jeremy Lin Eats the Lakers

You could strap me down Ludovico-style and make me watch this and nothing else on repeat for the rest of my life and I don't think I'd get sick of it. Just putting this post together is taking me way longer than I should because I keep getting distracted and watching the video start to finish. I just watched it again in between typing the last sentence and this one.

My favorite moments:

2:25- Immediately after drawing a foul driving to his right, Lin makes a similar play, except he cuts away from the screen set (on the opposite side) by Tyson Chandler. He's been SO good at occasionally breaking the wrong ("wrong") way while his defender shifts into the screen (often getting buried in Chandler's tummy).

3:37- Hubie Brown "...just don't let him put it down on the floor". Jeremy immediately puts it DOWN on the floor.

4:27- He again works away from a screen, this time wrong-footing Derek Fisher. Fisher catches up to him, but Lin sneaks into a sliver of space to score over Andrew Bynum

5:12- Jumper.

5:57- Jumper.

6:23- Jumper, and Jared Jeffries already knows it's down.

(Stat break: Lin shot 7/12 from outside ten feet last night.)

7:10- Gets right to the basket because Matt Barnes is worried he'll pull up for a jumper. That's not supposed to happen! (Oh, and that finish. That's really becoming his thing. That, I think, is the play babies will be practicing out in the cold today. Hell, I might head outside and try some righty reverses on the left side of the basket.)

Man oh man. A few other things:

- Check out the things HoopData's been tweetin' today about Lin.

- I haven't been deleting the various pieces of Photoshop art because they're well constructed and I know y'all don't mean any harm. Just, I don't know...think carefully about what you're posting and how it might be construed. I don't have a clear sense of what's appropriate and what isn't (and this is totally open for discussion), but it does irk me to see Jeremy's face endlessly mashed up with kung fu movies, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, and whatever other "Asian" nonsense we can find. Besides the potential to offend, it cheapens how singularly ridiculous he's been.

- On the other hand, if you're going to Photoshop, this is how it's done.