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Jeremy Lin is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Man oh man! Fresh off his Eastern Conference Player of the Week award, Jeremy Lin will be on the cover of the new issue of Sports Illustrated, which I believe comes out today. Seems cool. An SI person explains:

Terry McDonell, editor of the Sports Illustrated Group, said he had no qualms about putting Lin — who in five games has gone from benchwarmer to breakout star — on the cover.

"Jeremy Lin has done more in these past five games to captivate a fan base than any player in NBA history - and not just with his historic statistics," he said. "Look at what’s going on in this city."

I assume "what's going on in this city" refers to the fact that I've been walking around with a band-aid dangling from my chin and woke up with "JER" and "EMY" tattooed on each of my eyelids. The insides.

Meanwhile, the folks who wrote that Daily News article seem pretty worked up about the SI cover curse. I'm more upset that Jeremy got shafted from the cover of the Swimsuit Issue. Did Kate Upton have the best first four starts of all time and lead her short-handed team to an undefeated week while inspiring millions of people around the world? She did? Oh.

In closing, here's an opportunity for any of y'all to win some P&T points: 100 points for anybody who photographs Jeremy's SI cover. Another 100 points for anybody who figures out who the last Knick to be on the cover of SI was (ideally, not on a season preview cover). Note that you can trade in 1,000 P&T points for 100 P&T platinum points. 1,000 platinum points gets you your own P&T user account that allows you to comment and write Fanposts and stuff. Pretty elite.