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Here are all the requisite videos from Jeremy Lin and last night's win.

I'm piling up links to share with y'all later, but for now, here are the most important videos taken from last night's preposterous comeback win in Toronto. To begin, here's video of Jeremy's biggest plays of the fourth quarter. Forgive the presence of the Raptor announcers:

That wraparound dish to Amar'e Stoudemire, guys. Sure, it was nearly a turnover, but that's the kind of thing that simply wasn't a possibility two weeks ago. It did not exist. Anyway, that video misses a few stuffs...

It missed Lin's postgame interview (which was the usual unwavering hyper-humility) and, more important, it missed Landry Fields's post-game smooch, which IllPHIl was kind enough to .gifinate for us:


And because the video is Lin-centric, it also missed Iman Shumpert's pick-six (well pick-two) of Jose Calderon, which is a massive turning point:

And, finally, this'll give you the chillz. Here's Lin's game-winner as viewed from a seat on the baseline at the Jurassic Park Centre or whatever it's called:

Oh, and here's two more bonus videos that I found/thought about while tracking down the above ones: Shump's coast-to-coast loose ball slapfest from Saturday and Raymond Felton's somewhat similar shot in a somewhat similar situation last season.