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Jeremy Lin's in the Rookie-Sophomore game now.

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Yeap, that was going to happen. Here's Marc Spears's tweet about it:

Knicks Jeremy Lin and Heat Norris Cole added to Rookie-Sophomore Game.

Analysis: It seems that Jeremy Lin and Norris Cole have been added to the Rookie-Sophomore game.

Yeah. That's cool. He's on "Team Shaq", in case you were concerned about things like that. No word yet on whether or not Shaquille O'Neal runs a system that inflates the performance of point guards. Lin's apparently playing with Blake Griffin on Team Shaq, so that should be cool since he's very good at throwing alley-oops and stuff. Recall that Landry Fields is in that thing too. I have no idea which team he's on. (UPDATE: HE'S ON TEAM SHAQ COMMENCE PURCHASING TEAM SHAQ JERSEYS)

Anyway, All-Star Weekend has suddenly gone from being not at all Linsane to being anywhere from moderately to excessively Linsane. He'll now be in this game, plus a likely cameo role in Iman Shumpert's dunk contest bid, plus a rumored inclusion in the Haier Look Did You Know There Is An NBA For Ladies And Also Remember These Old People Please Buy Some Fridges With Special Drawers Where You Can Put Plates Of Fruit competition.

Very exciting!