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Thursday Emperor Newts


Photo: Thomas Ruedas

Good afternoon, bananatives! I've some links to share with you before we begin the festivities for the Bulls game. Take the jump for 'em.

- Those bumps on the emperor newt's back? They'll kill ya, bro. (Actually, the Wikipedia article is vague and kinda poorly written, but they are poisonous.)

- Knicks live in some pretty fancy apartments.

- The All-Star starters get announced tonight. Carmelo Anthony will almost definitely be one of them. He will not get a cool jersey.

- Speaking of Melo, I'm still hung up on the fact that he's scared of cats and am now wondering how he managed to work through his "Laser Cats" sketch without freaking out.

- Carmelo Anthony is the league's most "volatile" scorer so far, which is bound to happen when you make a lot of your scoring attempts with injured body parts.

- Kelly Dwyer notices a trend in Baron Davis's rehabilitation habits. Rehabits.

- Good job, li'l D'Antoni!

- Tyson Chandler forewarns of what will almost definitely be a big issue for the Knicks tonight: When Derrick Rose penetrates and draws help, offensive rebounding opportunities open up for the Chicago frontcourt. At least he's already identified the problem.

- UPDATE: Late addition! A Knicks press room attendant used to babysit Mike Bibby! Holy shit!

And them's the links!