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Iman Shumpert and Joe Johnson are both out tonight and beyond.

Hello. I have some good news and some bad news. I'm not entirely sure what's what, though. I guess you can determine that yourself. Your first news item regards Joe Johnson of the Hawks, who has left the team with a knee injury and won't return until after the All-Star break. For the Knicks' purposes, that means two things: 1. He will not play tonight against the Knicks. 2. He will not play in the All-Star Game, which may allow somebody like Tyson Chandler or Jerome Jordan to be named an injury replacement.

The news about Johnson is good for the Knicks tonight, and potentially good-bad for the Knicks over the break depending on whether you'd rather see Chandler in the All-Star game or at home resting with his wrists healing in hyperbaric chambers.

The second bit of news is that Iman Shumpert, who missed the last game with knee tendinitis, will miss tonight's game (same link) and probably the Heat game on Thursday as well. Shump's knee injury, like Johnson's, will affect his All-Star status. Shump (and by proxy, Jeremy Lin) was scheduled to be a dunk participant, but it sounds like he'll be ceding his spot to Jeremy Evans of the Jazz. This one's bad-good, I think, because it's a bummer that Iman's out for some time, but good that he'll be resting his knees instead of testing his knees (whoa, I just got a "level up" and a pair of crocodile loafers appeared at my feet!) over the break. Oh, and Jeremy Evans is GREAT.

This has either been the good-bad report or the bad-good report. Thank you and/or you're welcome and/or sorry.