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Game Thread: Knicks at Heat- 2/23/12

Evening, smellicopters! We have what feels like a big, big game on our hands this evening. The Knicks are in Miami tonight to face the Heat, the best team in the Eastern Conference and possibly the whole league. Those Heat always seem to take a special pleasure in beating the Knicks, and they'll surely be focused on shutting off New York's pick-and-roll and holding them to another mindless three-point bonanza like they did in the last game.

So, this is perhaps a bit of a pre-All Star break measuring stick for the Knicks. New York is a team with two stars still working to reach full strength, a point guard who is still the center of attention wherever he goes, and a bench still trying to fit new components. So, ya know, if New York loses, it's to be expected, because the Heat are dominant and these Knicks have yet to practice together. If New York wins...parade.

Tip-off's at 7 tonight for a nationally televised (TNT) game. You can comment along here if you're watching and also check out Peninsula Is Mightier for more on the Heat. As always, please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and cauldron maintenance tips.

In the meantime, feel free to chat here and, if you're interested, listen in to WCWP at 6:30. I'll be doing my weekly spot with the bros right before tip-off. Go Knicks! AHHHhhAHAHAHAH