UPDATED - Knicks Team Forum giveaway

Greetings Fellow P&Ters (Peters? Nah)-

I have two tickets to the Knicks Team Forum this Tuesday night that I can't go to because my wife is traveling and I can't get a sitter. (Note to young P&Ters: use birth control.) What is the Knicks Team Forum you might ask? It's one of the perks given to fatcat Knicks ticket subscribers. More specifically, it's this (as described in an email from the Knicks):

You are confirmed for the

Knicks Team Forum!

Tuesday, February 28

6:00 - 8:00PM


130 Bowery

New York, NY

Enjoy the opportunity to hear from many of the Knicks players as they participate in a question and answer session led by Scott Lasky. Light food and beverage will be served.

Please submit any questions you would like to ask your favorite Knicks players by e-mailing Daniel Shagawat at by Monday, February 27. A select number of questions will be asked and answered at the event.

Please be aware that there will not be an opportunity for autographs.

Flat rate parking is available on a first come first served basis at MTP Operating Corp, located at 89 Chrystie Street, between Grand & Hester Streets.

Now, the smart thing to do would be to give them to the first person to ask. The creative thing would be to have an essay contest about why the Knicks should retire Shump Shump's number.

I'm going to do a combo. Since the forum allows for a Q&A (not quiche and anchovies, though light refreshments apparently will be served), let's make sure we're well represented. The first person to come up with a really good question to ask one of the potential attendees (I'm guessing Grunwald, a few of the assistant coaches, some of the end of the bench and/or young players, and a few community alums like Starks and Houston) or really any active member of the organization gets the tickets.

I'll periodically check the comments to this post and pick one.

UPDATED- Due to overwhelming lack of interest, first comment saying they want the tix gets them.

Seth will give me your email. (He sees all and knows all.) Winner will be notified no later than Monday. Good luck to all of the contestants (if there are any).

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