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A Thread For the All-Star Game and Such


Here it is! All-Star weekend reaches its conclusion tonight with the main event. Carmelo Anthony will start for the Eastern Conference and, despite what J.R. Smith might have thought, is the only Knick involved. This post over at SB Nation Boston has all the other information you might like to know, such as who's performing the national anthem (Mary J. Blige) and at halftime (Pitbull, Ne-Yo, and "Nayer") and who's playing in the game (The Eastern Conference vs. The Western Conference).

I think I'll be skipping the game, but this here's a thread for those of you watching along. Comment about the game, the performances and, like, who's wearing who and stuff like that. We've only got one real Knicks game for the next five days, so make the most out of tonight's semi-competitive swashbuckling. If you're watching the Oscars, I suppose this could be a thread for that as well. Whatever it is that you're doing, comment along. Unless you're committing some sort of felony. Probably keep quiet about that.