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Jorts is back!

The Knicks were going to be back at practice today-- at 2 PM, reported Marc Berman-- to begin an extended stretch of practices that will last nearly a full week and be interrupted only by Wednesday night's game against the Cavaliers. Jamie O'Grady reports that today's practice has since been canceled (Al Iannazzone explains that they legally cannot practice today), but the rest of the stuff still stands. This week is the Knicks' last and best chance to get the entire squad on the same page, and it appears they'll be nearing full attendance for the endeavor. Josh Harrellson himself just twat some terrific news:

Finally back to the court! Doc said I'm good to go! Now get back in the groove and help my team be successful

Guess who's back... yea back again... Jorts is back... Tell a friend!!! all day!

I haven't found any updates regarding Iman Shumpert (all the news is Dunk Contest-related) or Bill Walker (all the news regards other Bill Walkers), but their injuries didn't sound too serious and one hopes they'll be back this week as well.

As far as Jorts is concerned, Mike D'Antoni already had a pretty solid ten-man rotation going before the break, but if Harrellson is at anywhere near the level he was before the injury, he might offer skills similar to several of his frontcourt mates, all contained within one bulky, country strong body. Josh brings some of Steve Novak's shooting, some of Jared Jeffries's defense and rebounding, and some of Jerome Jordan's youthful silliness to the floor all by himself. All things considered, it'll be hard to keep Jorts on the bench.

When the Knicks do get to practicing, it'll be interesting to see how Jorts has held up over his extended absence and how he fits in this new, considerably more flush rotation.