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All-Star New York 2015?


Ever since the renovations started at Madison Square Garden, there have been mentions of an All-Star Weekend in New York. Next year has already been ruled out because the renovations still won't be done and, according to Marc Berman, 2014 is also out of the question because it'd fall too close to the Super Bowl in East Rutherford. 2015, though, sounds like a safe bet according to Berman's sources:

"It just wouldn’t make sense having two of the biggest sports events just two weeks apart,’’ one person familiar with Stern’s thinking said.

However, sources believe the 2015 game at the Garden is a virtual lock. The Knicks haven’t hosted the All-Star Game since 1999.

I'm not much of an All-Star weekend fan, but it'd be cool to bring the whole league to the refurbished Garden all at once. This also makes me wonder when the draft will return to the Garden...