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Video: Landry Fields sings a song, Iman Shumpert raps a rap.

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The Knicks held their annual Team Forum for season ticket-holders last night. It's a thing where some Knicks put on their glasses, sit on stools, and take turns answering questions and entertaining the audience. One or two of us could have gone. Had one or two of us gone, we would have gotten to see a mini semi-impromptu talent show from a couple young Knicks. Apparently, some part of the forum called on Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert to have a sort of "Don't make me sing!" moment and exhibit their vocal talents. Each offered token resistance to requests that they perform, then launched right into performances. Take the jump for Landry belting a Knicks-themed cover of "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy (who I just learned is a person, then Shump delivering a couple similarly topical and family-friendly freestyle verses. Not half bad, either of 'em, and both super endearing.

Pretty good for a couple o' athletic wings, eh? We've heard Iman rap before and Landry sing before (and also get kinda outshone in that department by Patrick Ewing Jr.), but never quite like this. Oh, and what is that voice Shump's doing between the performances? That seems like a worthwhile talent by itself. (Update: I have been informed that he's doing something from Coming To America. Seen the movie, missed the reference.)

This naturally makes me wonder what talents some other Knicks might have showcased had they been asked to perform/been there in the first place. Like, I imagine Amar'e Stoudemire would have recited the full entry for every word on the "Prologuize-Proneness" page of Webster's Dictionary. Josh Harrellson would have let two raccoons loose in the crowd, killed them with a slingshot, then stuffed and mounted both in under five minutes (one with each hand). Mike Bibby would have performed his "autoventriloquism" act, which is just as creepy as it sounds. Bill Walker would have peeled a clementine in one long, spiraled strip. Jerome Jordan would have done a full minute of debate team fast talking. Jared Jeffries would have worn a polo. And so on.

Thanks to Kenneth (and everyone else who linked to it) for the video!

(P.S. I'd put money on "Knickstape" being an actual thing that happens in the future.)