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There will be SB Nation and P&T YouTube channels in the very near future.

In news that may be of interest to you, SB Nation is opening a new YouTube channel starting tomorrow. There'll be all sorts of cool original material, including a sports show hosted by Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein and, well, I'll just let them tell you about it:

Rubenstein and Ufford will deliver your daily dose of sports, pop culture and humor, straight from the floor of SB Nation's Studios to your home, office or pocket. Joined by Erin Sharoni, the co-host of CNBC's Sports Biz, as well as the expert bloggers from the SB Nation network, these profound pundits will dish out news, unfiltered commentary and deep analysis ... all while wearing pants (hopefully).

And that's only the beginning of the SB Nation YouTube Channel, which launches on March 1:

  • Full Nelson -- Fresh, unique and original stories from inside the sports world, brought to you by Amy K. Nelson
  • Bomani & Jones -- Sports commentary from the star of Around The Horn and SB Nation
  • Shutdown Fullback -- Covering college football in all its glory: blood, guts, mascots and all the weird stuff, hosted by's Spencer Hall and SB Nation's college football editor Jason Kirk
  • Team Reports -- News, unfiltered commentary and deep analysis on an individual team-by-team basis, from the experts in the SB Nation Network

Stop reading and start watching! Subscribe now!

Indeed. I encourage you to subscribe. Now, that "team reports" section is directly relevant to this site. I signed up to be part of this YouTube project and am now the proud owner of my own little camera rig (which was shipped to me-- no joke-- in a gun case. I feel so cool.). Starting sometime soon, I'm going to be making little videos for y'all on a P&T channel. I'm not sure at this point exactly what they'll be, and I'm somewhat open to suggestions. Anyway, consider this a warning that, at some point in the near future, you will start to be bombarded with not only my hideously awful writing, but also my hideously awful face. It should be fun and/or hideously awful.