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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers- 2/29/12

Evening, sparklers. The Knicks have a game tonight! A basketball game! It's their only one since Thursday and only one until Sunday, but it's a basketball game. The Cavaliers are tonight's opponent-- the same Cavs that beat up the pre-Jeremy Lin Knicks a month ago.

Tonight's game might be kind of weird-- it falls in the middle of what has otherwise been a training camp-like stretch-- but one thing it has going for it as that the Knicks will be as close to fully-staffed as they've ever been. Bill Walker is the only unavailable Knick for tonight's contest, so this'll be an early (though not necessarily predictive) look at how Mike D'Antoni would like to structure his rotation with pretty much every asset at his disposal.

It's also an opportunity to rebound from that somewhat deflating loss in Miami. Almost none of the Knicks played well in that one, so a team-wide bounce-back is in order. Luckily for New York, Anderson Varejao is injured and will not be around to give the frontcourt nightmares.

Other things of note: 1. Kyrie Irving is a person. 2. The Cavs lost a close game to the Celtics last night.

Comment along here if you're watching and check out Fear the Sword for all things Cavalier. As always, please do not post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or anagrams of biblical names in the thread. Tip-off's at 7:30.