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Video: The Night of Jeremy Lin

Oakley & Allen's video of last night is the most artful (tip of the hat to Gian), but in terms of reliving the experience, I don't think you can beat the original broadcast on this one. Here's eight minutes of Jeremy Lin making highlights, the Garden crowd getting delirious, Mike Breen breathlessly calling the action, Walt Frazier hemorrhaging rhymes, and the Knicks bench going bananas. It gave me the chilliest of chills.


After the jump, two post-game items of note.

Ken Berger:

D'Antoni says he's leaning toward starting Lin at PG: "Let me watch the Super Bowl and then we'll figure it out."

Lin's got holes in his game-- that inconsistent jump shot in particular-- that will get exposed a bit more once opposing teams are prepared for him, but I think he showed a complete enough game last night to earn the starting spot if he's ready and willing. We'll see what happens with that.

One more, from Jeremy himself:

God is good during our ups and our downs! Glad we got the win!! Thanks to for lettin me crash on his couch last night lol

Suffice to say Jeremy had somewhere else to sleep last night if he so chose, if you know what I mean*.

*What I mean is that he played really well and a lot of people saw him do that and probably wanted to have sex with him and then let him sleep over afterward.