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Jeremy Lin will start tonight.

Mike D'Antoni just spoke to the media and provided a few updates on the Knicks' lineup going forward. First and foremost, it sounds like Jeremy Lin will get the start at point guard tonight. With Baron Davis's debut fading further and further into the future, there's no reason not to give Lin a shot at regular starter's minutes to see if he can replicate even a fraction of the excellence we saw on Saturday against the Nets.

From the sound of things, Lin will replace Iman Shumpert in the lineup for the time being. That makes sense, although I'd expect D'Antoni to mix and match backcourts to find the best pairings (it's like matching a wine with a Dunkaroos flavor, or whatever adults do.)

In the first link, you'll also find the news that Jared Jeffries will start at power forward tonight. His promotion, of course, comes in response to Amar'e Stoudemire heading to Florida to be with his family following the tragic death of his older brother. Jeffries played a superb game on Saturday and had some neat exchanges with Lin, so hopefully he'll keep up the good work in Amar'e's stead, however long that may be.

I'm suuuuuper excited to see what Lin can do tonight/henceforth now that the adrenaline has subsided and teams (better ones with better defense, including on the interior) will actually prepare to play against him. He'll probably regress (though I refuse to rule out Lin's averaging 25 and 7, if not more, the rest of the way) but following Saturday's performance, we have plenty of reason to believe he's the best healthy point guard on the Knicks. Now he's got a chance to prove that.