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Video: The Jeremy Lin Game Gets NMA'd

Given that Jeremy Lin is of Taiwanese descent, it was only a matter of time before Next Media Animation made a video tribute to his breakout performance against the Nets. Thanks to commenter IllPHIl, we've found said video and it is wonderful:

As is always the case with NMA, the content of this video is a perfect visual representation of real events, including the manner in which Lin scored his points, the manner in which Mike D'Antoni secures his bench players, the manner in which college officials deny scholarships to prospective students, and the manner in which Lin hurls flaming basketballs at people. My only real question is who the light-skinned "#2" bench player tied up beside Jeremy is. Kinda looks like Andy Rautins. (Update: Oh yeah, Steve Novak. Still looks like Rautins, but then again, Lin doesn't even look like Lin.) Other than that, the NMA folks have the Knicks-- sorry, the L-O-S-E-R-S-- pretty much figured out!

Anyway, we've now got one more reason to hope Lin continues to excel as a Knick. I want as many more of these as possible as soon as possible.