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Baron Davis had an elbow infection?

We've been hearing for a few days about a mysterious "setback" in Baron Davis's recovery that's pushed his debut into sometime around the All-Star break, possibly after it. Just now, we found out what the "setback" actually is. Howard Beck:

Baron Davis' "setback" was an infected elbow, which caused pain in back. Says his back is OK otherwise.

Adam Zagoria:

Baron said he wasn't even able to lift his right arm in Miami but that its feeling better now. Doesn't know when he'll practice

So, uh, that's pretty gross. I'm not even sure how you get an infection in your elbow without a serious wound (a few people on the popular social networking site have made "Wilson Chandler bit him" jokes), and we haven't heard anything about Davis cutting open his elbow. Weird. I hope he hasn't been sleeping in dumpsters again. (Update: Tina Cervasio says it was, indeed, from a cut. You've gotta, like, clean that thing off, Baron.)

Anyway, this is kind of reassuring, if anything. After weeks of progressing normally, it was odd and unsettling to hear that Davis had kind of just fallen off track and wasn't ready anymore. This bizarre injury explains things somewhat. Just weird.