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Today is the day for Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, and Jerome Jordan to get guaranteed contracts.

My esteemed colleague Scott "The Dakota Wizard" Schroeder is the lord of the NBA's fringes, and in a post this morning, he informs us that today is the day for teams to make decisions on their non-guaranteed contracts. A number of innocent bros are going to get cut today in order to clear waivers by Friday (when contracts will officially get guaranteed. The headline isn't quite accurate). Basically, if you don't get cut today, you're in good shape.

Scott's handy chart informs us that three Knicks-- Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, and Jerome Jordan-- are currently playing on non-guaranteed contracts. Now, New York may want a roster spot open for when the China Friendz return, but earlier reports indicate that Mike Bibby (who has a guaranteed one-year minimum deal) would be the one waived in order to make room for someone like J.R. Smith. (There are obviously other options, including a number of guys who'll be released today.)

So, I think it's pretty safe to assume that all three Knicks will have their deals picked up for the rest of the season. Novak's shown that he's a useful three-point specialist off the bench and Jordan appears to be a worthwhile big man project who provides interior depth in a pinch. Lin, meanwhile, seems the least likely to have his deal guaranteed, only because I'm still worried that this is an elaborate hoax and/or hallucination and it'll turn out Lin was never actually on the team, there's no such thing as basketball, and I will awake to discover that I'm a solitary toddler in a barren post-apocalyptic tundra. That's probably not the case, though.