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Landry Fields will participate in the Rookie-Sophomore game.

So, we have our second (and probably final) Knicks addition to the All-Star Weekend lineup. Landry Fields, just as he did last year, will play in the Rookie-Sophomore game. Here's the news as twat by Howard Beck:

Landry Fields chosen to play in rook-soph game at All-Star weekend. No Shumpert (or Lin).

No Iman Shumpert is kind of a bummer, but reasonable. No Jeremy Lin is obvious, but you can be sure that it got brought up when they were making the Sophomore team. Even if the guy in charge chortled and was like "Ha! He's not an NBA player! He's going to digress to the bean or whatever, right guys? Stupid Knicks.", he totally got considered, and that's a win.

If you're curious, here's the list of folks who made it over Shump via John Schuhmann:

Rising Stars Challenge rookies: Irving, Rubio, Brooks, Knight, Leonard, Morris, T. Thompson, Walker, D. Williams

Shump's not far below those guys, but the selections seem fair to me. Anyway, I look forward to watching Landry in the Roo-- I'm just kidding. I'm probably not gonna watch that.