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Hey, you could win some tickets to the Knicks-Nets game from TiqIQ

Perhaps you may have noticed this, but there's actually a spot for you to buy Knicks tickets at Posting and Toasting. On the far right of the menu up top, there's a link that says "Tickets". If you click on it with your computer mouse, it'll take you to this page, which gives you all sorts of pictures and graphs and deals from all different ticket brokers. I imagine that might be of some use.

Don't go spending dollars (or chasing waterfalls) just yet, though, because TiqIQ would first like to offer you some free tickets. You just have to "like" TiqIQ and Posting and Toasting (feel free to "unlike" P&T soon thereafter if you'd rather not have my nonsense flooding your feed), post a quick thing about who your favorite player ever is (say Lee Nailon and you can also win a high five from me), and then I think you'll be in the running for free tickets to the Knicks-Nets game on Monday, February 20th.

As always, I am reluctant to put anything promotional on the front page unless there's an opportunity for some of y'all to win free stuff. If you'd like a shot at said free stuff, take the jump for the full instructions.