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Steve Novak shot threes in the cradle.

Steve's been makin' that face since '84. Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE
Steve's been makin' that face since '84. Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

The Knicks visited Steve Novak's home state of Wisconsin yesterday, and the reporters there with them got a chance to speak with Steve's father, Michael, before last night's "game" (there was apparently a game last night? I have no recollection of it). Afterward, Jared Zwerling gave his own telling of the Legend of The Steve:

At home, Steve's parents, Michael and Jeanne, placed a mini basketball hoop above his baby crib and Steve started throwing the ball towards it in his first year. (That same hoop, by the way, is now on the crib of Steve's 19-month-old son, Mack.)

Then, when Steve was in grade school, he took things to a whole other level. In the basement of the Novak residence, which consisted of a play area and TV setup, Steve's parents installed an adjustable hoop on two suspension poles for him to shoot on.

Some things:

1. Wait, that kind of stuff works? My visions of teaching my future infant son, Ram$e$ Rosenthal, to cook a quail's egg on a tiny frying pan in hopes of developing him into an omeleteering prodigy are realistic!?

2. Steve honed his skills in his parents' basement, which is an inspiration!

3. Pretty great that Steve was 6'8" in high school and still insisted on spotting up from outside.

4. I have discovered video of infant Steve celebrating the first of many three-point makes. Steve was evidently a girlbaby.

5. One can only assume that Mack Novak (who will shorten his name McNovak) will eventually spread the floor for the 2032 New York Knicks Presented By Lexus, coached by Skeeter D'Antoni.