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J.R. Smith got fined $25,000 for his photography.


This kind of surprised me, but I suppose it should have been expected. J.R. Smith, if you haven't heard, is an absurdly prolific Twitter user, and posts updates on his status pretty much constantly. It's a perpetual stream of photos of his face, song lyrics he wrote, and things people have been saying to him. Everything Smith thinks or experiences goes on Twitter. So when J.R. Smith encounters a ladybutt, it is only natural, if not especially gentlemanly, for J.R. Smith to tweet a photo of that ladybutt (if you are in an environment in which you're discouraged from opening photos of ladybutts on your computer, do not click that link). The photo appeared to rightfully get him in some trouble with its subject, Tahiry, and it's also gotten him in trouble with the league. Jonathan Abrams twat the news:

NBA fined JR Smith 25k for that picture.

That's a big fine. So, uh, lesson learned?

In unrelated news, Smith will move back to the second unit (something he sounds pleased about) for tomorrow's game.