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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Sixers- 3/11/12

Wake up, flugelhorns! I know it feels like an hour ago, but the Knicks are playing at noon (which used to be 11 AM)! The Sixers are in town and the Knicks desperately need a win after losing four straight on the road! In fact, they need a win so badly that I've woken up at this ungodly hour to attend the game myself and make sure they get that win!!!!

I'm on my way to the Garden as you read this and thus won't be joining y'all, but here's your thread to comment and here's Liberty Ballers if you wish to read about the Sixers. As usual, please do not post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or links to stock image galleries of bell peppers in the thread. Tip-off, again, is at 12:00 PM. Don't be the one that mixes up the time and misses the first half. Somebody's gonna do it, and it better not be you.