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Game Thread: Knicks at Bulls- 3/12/12

Evening, gumblegees. Time for another exciting Knicks basketball game! Tonight, our beloved heroes will face the Bulls in Chicago. The Bulls are the best team in the entire NBA, but I'd imagine that I'm not alone in anticipating a close game, because that's just how things go. As I mentioned earlier, Chicago will play without Luol Deng, C.J. Watson, and Rip Hamilton. Joakim Noah will play. The Bulls last played on Saturday, when they beat the Jazz to recover from a bad loss to the Magic on Thursday.

The Knicks still won't have Jared Jeffries (or Bill Walker, of course), but will otherwise be fully staffed like they were yesterday. Hopefully they will be more sports...than they were yesterday.

This is your comment thread for tonight's game. This is Blog-a-Bull. This is a wrap. As always, please do not post photos, .gifs, illegal streams, or links to textbook chapters about celery in the thread. Tip-off is at 8. Please be kind to us, Knicks.